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Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur (Doing Business God's Way) Offering Digital Marketing Services To Ad Agencies!

You may be wondering what is a Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur (KDE)? A KDE is an entrepreneur who partners with God, as well as yield to His leading in business. KDEs, who are aligned with God's heart, will have a greater Kingdom impact in the marketplace.

I am a KDE looking for advertising agencies to serve. I will work with you in providing digital marketing services for your agency. I understand that although you provide these same type of services for your clients, it's doesn't leave you much time to promote your agency.

As you know, digital marketing takes a lot of time. This is where I come in! I don't claim to be the best in the industry, but I am Spirit-led when completing the assigned tasks for you.

I'll take care of creating and publishing your blog posts and social media posts, setup your email campaigns, as well as create and update the content for your website, while you take care of your accounts' digital marketing.

I work virtually from my home office; so, you don't have to worry about providing office space for me. I also work as an independent contractor, which means you don't have to supply me with benefits!

Contact me today at 866-651-3073 / 602-454-9408 to learn more!

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