How to Sell Your Services Webinar


How to Sell Your Services Webinar

how to sell your services webinarLast week we hosted our webinar on “How to Sell Your Services.” These are services you sell while building your business or if you’re in need of extra cash. In it we covered your business plan, as well as when is a good time to quit your day job.

Also, we took stock of what you should sell based on your skills and strengths. These are determined by completing a self-assessment exercise, which is included in a report that we have available here.

Then we looked at some online self-assessment tools that you can use to assess yourself.

We also covered some popular services you can sell online.

After that we discussed creating special offers and packages you can sell.

And we wrapped up with where online you can sell your services. Go here to view our webinar.

We appreciate any feedback. Join the conversation by commenting below. As always, thanks for reading and watching. Enjoy!

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