How to Successfully Use Facebook for B2B Marketing

How to Successfully Use Facebook for B2B Marketing

Facebook is the second most visited site on the internet and they are showing no signs of slowing down. As a business owner, it only makes sense to use Facebook as a tool for growing your business. Facebook is mainly known for individual use, but it has countless features for business owners such as integrating Blog posts and promoting events.

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After Rita earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, she was hired and trained by Sears to be a Sales Manager. She soon discovered retail sales was not for her. So, Rita decided to become an entrepreneur offering virtual assistant services specializing in internet marketing services. Since 2002, she has provided word processing services and other virtual assistant services to entrepreneurs and small business owners. During the past eight years, Rita has used various Internet marketing strategies to market her online business and discovered that she has a passion for Internet marketing. As a result, she decided to focus on offering Internet marketing services. In addition, Rita change her business name to RJ's Internet Marketing Services, LLC in order to reflect the niche service offerings. Rita works with business and executive coaches, consultants, and authors.



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