inbound marketingAs a start-up business or newbie to online marketing, it’s important to know the difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Today’s online entrepreneurs use the inbound marketing strategy rather than outbound marketing.

Outbound Marketing

When an advertiser uses the outbound marketing strategy, the marketing plan will include television ads, radios ads, newspapers ads, magazine ads, etc. In other words, advertisers blast their messages to the masses hoping to reach their target audience.

Trade shows, seminars, email blasts, cold calling, etc. are also considered as outbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing

An inbound marketing strategy involves submitting articles to articles banks, writing blog posts, social networking, social media marketing, video marketing, building a website, etc. This strategy attracts the target audience to you; hence, inbound marketing. They’re searching for your products or services online.

So, these are the differences in the two strategies. People are inundated with ads everywhere and have learned to tuned them out. This is why it’s important to have an online presence in order to be found by your target market. According to research, there are millions of online shoppers, and they are increasing.

HubSpot published a more detailed article a couple of years ago surrounding the topic of inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing. You can go here to check it out.

Which strategy do you use?  We would love to hear your experiences and successes using inbound or outbound marketing.  Join the conversation by commenting below.

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