Specialty Forums


Specialty Forums

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed running a membership site as a way to earn passive income. You can go here to read it. We are continuing our passive income series this week focusing on Specialty Forums.

forumSpecialty Forums

If you run a membership site based on a specialized skill, for example, how to use WordPress, a specialty forum is a great addition. Be sure to brand your membership site and forum using the same colors and logo, as well as making them easily accessible. A forum can also operate as a stand-alone.

Why Add a Forum?

It a great method of providing support for your members, who are learning WordPress in this example. The members level of expertise will be different; this in turn, enables the members to support each other. It also takes the load off of you of having to answer questions that they can get answered in the forum.

It also creates a sense of community. Allowing your members to create profiles, along with photos, will also foster the sense of community.

Planning for Future Sites

Membership sites can run indefinitely or for a fixed period of time. A forum can keep your membership site alive. However, membership sites and forums tend to have a two-year average life span. So, it’s a good idea to plan for future membership sites when setting up your first one; namely, purchase a multi-license.

Forum Delivery Systems

Simple Machines is a good, free, open-source delivery system. Go here to check them out. However, some of your membership sites software have the capability of setting up a forum.

Do you run a specialty forum? Join the discussion by commenting below.

Come back next week when we look at more passive income business models. As always thanks for reading!

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